Industry Changing Solutions

Why 3Tree

Serious Experience

Founded by Property & Casualty industry veterans with unparalleled and unique experience in Canadian Insurance, 3Tree provides you with the knowledge and know-how you need to achieve your goals. This is our space, and we love it! What does this mean to you? Our products and services are already up to speed - there is no ramp up required, and engagement is immediate. We look forward to delighting you with rapid and amazing progress towards your goals!

25+ Years in the Field

Founded in 2016, 3Tree has been working since the start to amaze their clients in the Canadian Insurance Industry. 3Tree works for carriers and brokers, industry associations and industry leaders on industry leading solutions. 3Tree's founders are very active in the broker-carrier connectivity revolution, and always have time to talk on this topic. We look forward to hearing about your journey and current goals, and determining how we can help deliver your vision!

Solutions Based

Our insurance product and software technology focus remains solidly on the path ahead, and providing our clients with the innovation needed to support true insurance solution innovation and development. Our breadth of expertise includes modern areas of focus like telematics, AI & machine learning, chatbots and service agents. We also provide the most experienced statistical reporting team available in the market today!

Carriers + Brokers

We pioneered broker and carrier connectivity, and we strongly continue to support solutions that elevate the broker distribution network. From ServiceSoul, our brokerage focused Service Attendant, to our broker-to-carrier data integration passion, the Unite | Insurance Exchange Plaform, we look forward to assisting you with achieving your vision! Let's talk on what you are looking to accomplish, and how we can get you there

Uniting the insurance technology ecosystem - today!

Unite | Insurance Exchange Platform

Carriers, brokerage technology vendors, digital brokers, 3rd party data services - we unite them all through a simple, uncomplicated insurance exchange platform. Everyone is welcome, and it is strictly a bring-what-you-have party. We'll take care of the rest!


Pay-As-You-Drive & Usage-Based Insurance Program


Technology driven products, tailored to each driver’s unique needs. DriveDNA has been established to answer the historic gaps that lead to product failures. Evaluation, personalization, and partnership between broker and customer are paramount in the offering.


non-telematics, low-touch Pay-As-you-Drive 


Enabling True Pay-As-You-Drive.  Reduced premiums for consumers. Reduced claims exposure for carriers. Low-touch, technology driven mileage validation, without the need for telematics!


Fleet telematics for the commercial market


Getting a clear picture of how your drivers are performing across your fleet allows you to manage your risk and associated impacts effectivley. Individual key performance metrics, and detailed incident reports allow you to provide corrective feedback to drivers, and make staffing changes as needed. Driver reports also give you the tools you need to to create measurable improvements.